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Credit Universe was created to help our clients to repair their credit, obtain business credit and build a positive history. The staff of Credit Universe have over 25+ years of working experiences, with many certifications & educational backgrounds in the world of finance, lending and law.  When you work with Credit Universe, you’re not working with a faceless and gigantic banking organization.  Right away, you’ll be assigned a certified consultant who will work directly with you to develop your Finance Blueprint!

Our Team
Abdel Khawatmi, President/Founder

info@credituniverse.biz | Phone: 973-542-2223

Ashley Jironza, Office Manager 

info@credituniverse.biz | Phone: 973-542-2223

Mr. Khawatmi founded this company back in 2015 with the mindset to give his clients a second chance and assist new business owner. Being a Licensed Mortgage Banker & Mortgage Instructor gives him a unique perspective on his client's goals and understanding of the laws and regulations associated. He has his Masters in Law & Compliance and His Bachelors in Political Science.

Ms. Jironza is responsible for keeping the office running smoothly and overseeing administrative support along with employee retention. She has many years of experience with clients disputes. She brings  an opportunity for client's to take advantage of her understanding of the credit repair business and the procedures needed. She has her bachelors in Criminal Justice.

Damaris Rodriguez, Processing

info@credituniverse.biz | Phone: 973-542-2223

Denis Roberts, Business Development

info@credituniverse.biz | Phone: 973-542-2223

Ms. Rodriguez handles the processing of client's reports, payments and emails. Ms. Rodriguez works with Credit Universe's clients to promote their communication and transparency with their progress via the online portal while keeping them updated on their files. She has her Bachelors in Finance.

Mr. Roberts helps create promotional messages and themes to drive business. Coordinates marketing strategies across multiple channels. Also Manages budgets for media and marketing campaigns while Testing new marketing messages. He has his Bachelors in Business

Jordan Moore, Paralegal

info@credituniverse.biz | Phone: 973-542-2223

Jennifer Saavedra, Lender Partner

JSaavedra@PRMG.net | Phone: 908-267-2918

Mr. Moore routinely draft documents, assists our team of attorneys & President in drafting paperwork, interviewing clients, and preparing retainers. The type of work preformed will often vary depending on the client's needs. Mr. Moore has his Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies.

Ms. Saavedra is a loan officer with PRMG. As a loan officer she assists clients with obtaining residential mortgage loans She helps her sending clients by recommending us for credit counseling. She comes with extensive experience from the mortgage world and has been licensed for over 5+ years with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System.

Tomas Soto, Business Credit Analyst

info@credituniverse.biz | Phone: 973-542-2223

Mohammed Kamel, Auto Partner 

OtoCitySales.com | Phone: 973-782-6133

Mr. Soto is responsible for monitoring our business credit clients and assisting them with obtaining business credit, reports, answering & addressing their questions. He provides our business credit clients with reporting on monthly metric to help them monitor and tracking their score.

Mr. Kamel is the owner of Otocity, a family owned and operating auto dealership in Totowa NJ. They have numerous vehicles in various price ranges and offer financing. Mr. Kamel refers his consumers in good faith for credit counseling and for his borrowers to eventually qualify for better interest rates.

Alla Khawatmi, Legal Assistant

info@credituniverse.biz | Phone: 973-542-2223

Ronak Chovatiya, IT Manager 

info@credituniverse.biz | Phone: 973-542-2223

Ms. Khawatmi assists with drafting paperwork, updating clients online interface platform, and reviewing results from clients reports and updating them accordingly.. The type of work preformed will often vary depending on the client's needs. Ms. Khawatmi is pursuing her bachelors degree in nursing.

Mr. Chovatiya is the IT Manager of Credit Universe. His main job is to assist in building a better portal for larger client base along with increasing our relationships with additional financial companies. He comes with extensive experience from the IT World including website design and SEO with a bachelors in Finance as well. 

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