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Credit Universe has helped clients solve various credit-related situations since 2015 along with help them achieve homeownership. Our exceptional team and their professional experience will make sure you’re financially back on track in no time! We also assist small businesses with getting started both in credit and formation!



Credit Universe has offered credit repair and other related financial services since 2015. From errors in your reports to credit improvement strategies, we work with each client to find the best solutions.

We’re an innovative team of professional and experienced individuals who understand exactly what it takes to remove financial errors from your records. Moreover, we work thoroughly and diligently in order to understand each specific case and find even more ways to improve our clients’ credit scores.



At Credit Universe, our goal is to help you understand your own credit situation. Due to a large variety of possible situations, each of our clients goes through a thorough process so that our team can figure out the specific steps to take.


Know that you are in expert hands when it comes to this service. Our years of experience helping clients regain their financial footing mean we understand exactly how the credit system works. Our goal is to remove inaccurate information from your credit report.


Credit Universe has assisted 100+ Businesses in getting started and obtaining formation docs, EIN, and financing. Figuring out how to build your branded name and get access to business financing and credit is a common quest for both new and exisitng business owners!


The expert staff at Credit Universe will help you with all your questions and queries about this service and recommend you to listened Mortgage Lenders. While we can’t promise results overnight, we can promise we will work tirelessly for you. Some of our staff are also licensed loan originators also!


Through years of strong past performance in Mortgage Lending and Consulting, Credit Universe has built a reputation as a premier consulting firm that prides itself on designing and delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers. As a dynamic compliance and consulting credit solutions provider, Credit Universe has proven experience and expertise encompassing the entire credit counseling & consulting spectrum. I intend to lead Credit Universe to exceptional growth while providing great value for both customers and partners. As you explore our website and learn more about Credit Universe, I hope you will consider becoming a part of our company - whether as a customer, partner or employee.

Abdel Khawatmi



115 Main St, Woodbridge, NJ 07095, USA

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(973) 542-2223


115 Main St, Woodbridge, NJ 07095, USA